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The property comprised of a first-floor commercial unit dominating one side of a popular commercial high street setting. It had remained unoccupied for an extended period of years, gradually falling into a state of complete disrepair.  

Our third-party client wanted to restore the space to be functional as an open plan office, to facilitate its letting as a means of income generation.

Tyneside undertook complete management of all stages to deliver a turnkey product. This included the appointment and instruction of the full professional design team and Health and Safety Consultants.

The felt flat roof on the property had deteriorated over time and developed multiple leaks, such that it was no longer repairable. 

With an extensive amount of mobile data equipment located on the roof itself, a liquid applied rubber coating was the most economical method to make the property watertight once again while providing a 20-year works guarantee.

The interior of the property has not fared any better over time, with extensive water damage and large quantities of waste material having been dumped.

The space was entirely cleared and cleaned, a new level floor was laid throughout, all walls were overboarded and the heavily stained decorative ceiling was freshly painted to provide a light and bright space.

Additional specialist items were required to make the property compliant and functional, these included removal of the old metal frame windows and their replacement with more energy efficient and secure uPVC double glazed units.

The existing external metal fire escape was replaced for a new compliant installation:

Decorative coving was also repaired and replaced:

The finished property was quickly let and began generating income for Tyneside’s client.

Complete Contract Value: £250,000

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