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A campaign group’s new tool is allowing people in the UK to check how polluted the air is where they live - with fantastic results for Newcastle residents. launched nationwide in March 2021; the service had previously only covered the Greater London area.

The website uses a postcode search and a simple 1-5 rating system to allow you to check the air quality for any address in the United Kingdom.

The data is supplied by Imperial College London’s Environmental Research Group and is accurate to 20m sq. Each air quality report gives readings for Particulate Matter and Nitrogen Dioxide and allows you to check how the readings in your area compare to World Health Organisation limits.

The site is run by the Central Office of Public Interest (COPI), a non-profit campaigning for greater awareness of air quality issues and demanding that estate and letting agents be legally required to disclose air quality information to all buyers and renters.

We checked the addresses of all our managed properties and development sites and were delighted to discover that they all received the 1 rating for the lowest level of air pollution.

For us, this is just another example of why Newcastle, and the North East in general, is such a great place to live and work.

However, with investment in the area growing all the time, we recognise that this is no reason for complacency and, as we play our part in shaping the city’s future, Tyneside Group is focused on sustainability being a major influence on all of our future developments to ensure the air in our city remains clean for generations to come! 

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