Getting ahead of the game - Additional and Selective Licensing

Enforcement of new private sector housing licences may have been delayed slightly due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, but we’re continuing to stay ahead of the curve and process all licenses so they’re ready in advance.

The new Additional and Selective Licensing legislation has been brought in by Newcastle City Council to run alongside the existing Mandatory House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Licensing that already runs countrywide.

The new legislation aims to improve the quality of private rental properties in Newcastle and reduce anti-social behaviour. Despite the delay in enforcement, we know that many landlords across the city may still be completely unaware of the new licences and could risk a hefty fine for non-compliance.

All landlords are required to hold the new appropriate licences for their rental properties in the city, a move which should help to crack down on rogue landlords and poorly maintained properties.

The licences will ensure that properties are maintained to a certain standard and meet the required safety regulations, which is sure to be welcome news for renters. The new Additional and Selective Licences are being brought in to ensure that the standard of private rental stock in Newcastle remains high.

Here at Tyneside Group and Tyneside Lettings, we support the new measures which will improve the condition of housing for renters. We hope that as a result, people in our wonderful city will enjoy the highest quality rental accommodation.

We’d encourage landlords to contact us if they any support or assistance in getting licences in place for 3 and 4 bed properties. According to the city council, Additional Licensing and Selective Licensing will cover approximately 18,000 private rental properties in Newcastle.

As you may know, traditionally the sector has suffered at times from a poor reputation – mainly due to unscrupulous landlords and rogue agents. Thankfully the industry is moving away from this tarnished image, which can only be a good thing for the many professional landlords and agents operating across the North East. 

At Tyneside Group we’re pleased enhanced regulations will see housing stock improvements across the board, bringing the sector up to a professional standard.

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